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AIG Annuity Access used to be a website hosted by AIG, the American Investment Group. This group has been a significant investment bank in the United States. The website, AIG Annuity Access.com is no longer function as the company is regrouping and retooling its investment strategies after substantial government support pumped into the bank in an effort to help to stabilize the bank after the banks downfall in the 2008 to 2009 economic recession.

Learning More About AIG Annuity Access

When the website was functional, AIG Annuity Access was a website dedicated to those who helped annuities and other investments through the AIG Bank. Individuals were able to register their accounts through the website and then later access them with a password and username. This highly easy to use website was able to be a communication tool between investor and investee, so to speak. Individuals could see what was happening with their investments whenever they needed to. As such, investors were about to have ready access to their funds to note any changes or in some cases to make banking functions. AIG Annuity Access is no longer functional as the access to the website is no more. In fact, the website is completely down as the company reworks their financial plans for moving forward.

For Investors In AIG Annuity Access

For those who have investments in AIG and those who have used AIG Annuity Access, it is important to visit the companys website. The corporate website offers more information on what is happening with specific investments including the annuities that used to be managed by the initial website.

Those who have investments with AIG should contact their financial planners and their investment firm to determine where their funds are able to have access at this point. At the companys corporate website, individuals can learn more about annual reports, proxy statements, stock quotes and charts, gain financial reports, and gather other information currently available.

It is important to note that those who have an insurance policy through AIG have policies that are safe. The company does have strength through the various support methods it has have over the last few months. If you have an insurance claim, the company will still pay out. You should follow the methods in your contract and in other contact information that you have for the company, to make that claim.

For those who have an annuity through AIG, you do not have to get out of it unless you would like to. One of AIGs insurance companies underwrites the annuities offered by AIG. These annuities are currently under good protection and the company states that some annuities do contain surrender surcharges if they are cashed in early. For those who are unsure of where they stand with their AIG Annuity access status, simply call on your financial advisor to request more information on the standing of your account. This information should be readily available to you at any time you need it to be.