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In order to sell your annuity you will need to develop a list of annuity sales leads. This may be actual names of interested investors or it may be a website where you have the potential to connect with investors. The important thing is being able to find a buyer for the annuity you want to sell. Quite often the company holding the annuity is of greater importance than the future value of the annuity. An annuity issued by Prudential or Nationwide is likely to hold more interest to investors than one issued by Insurance Company A that is only located in a localized area. Investors want something they can trust and that means dealing with nationwide companies that have been around for many years.

Generating Annuity Sales Leads

Once you receive your insurance settlement you want to begin looking for annuity sales leads if you wish to trade the annuity for a lamp sum payment. While many people are content with payments over time, others want the cash up front for many different reasons. One reason a person may want the cash up front is because the insurance settlement was the result of an accident that rendered a person unable to continue working. This may create the need to pay off some debt in order to live on a smaller monthly income. The recipient may also have had to let bills go while waiting for the settlement, so there is a need to pay those bills up to date on a more immediate basis.

Where do you begin finding annuity sales leads? Sometimes the insurance provider knows of investors who buy annuities, but in most cases you will have to do the research yourself. The best to begin is online-not only will it take you less time but you will have a larger selection of names from which to choose. In addition because of the number of annuity sales leads you will find online there is a greater possibility of finding one that will meet your needs at the lowest possible cost. Since the investor is not going to pay the future value of your annuity its important to be able to sell your annuity at the highest possible price.

The Best Websites for Finding Annuity Sales Leads

You dont want to go to classified sites or other places that sell non-related items. You want to go to a website that specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of cash flow notes. By choosing specialty websites you will generate more leads and have more offers from which to choose. Although you are going to receive less than the future value of your annuity, you want to take the smallest possible loss. The more annuity sales leads you find the more options you will have when it comes to your sales price. If you look at generic websites you are likely to find buyers who want to pay a ridiculously low price for annuities.