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There are many Georgia structured settlement companies that can assist you in buying and selling annuities. An annuity is a distribution of money earned on an investment that can be paid out annually, quarterly or biannually. Annuities are often part of an overall retirement plan and can provide a consistent flow of income and often supplement your retirement plans.

There are two basic types of annuities that are deferred and immediate. With the immediate annuity, you will begin to receive payments soon after you make your initial investment. This would be a good choice if you are reaching retirement age. A deferred annuity accumulates money and can be converted into an immediate annuity.
Annuities can be fixed or variable. The payout can be a fixed sum or may be dependent on the performance of the investments. Consider which is better for you when making the decision to buy annuities.

Georgia structured settlement companies buy and sell annuities from insurance claims. A structured settlement is an agreement with an insurance company that pays an individual a predetermined amount of case for a fixed period of time. This usually happens when a person has an accident or a personal injury and wins a settlement that is than paid off in increments over a period of time.

You can sell your structured settlements to an entity with experience and a good reputation. Occasionally there incidences that come up and you have unexpected expenses. You may often think it would be nice if you could access some of the funds that you invested today instead of waiting until they come to term. One of the ways to do this is to sell your structured settlement to one of Georgia’s structured settlement companies. Perhaps you have unforeseen medical expenses, credit card debt or you would like to do some home improvement.

A Georgia structured settlement company may advance money for a structured settlement and sometimes offer partial payment if you have a pending lawsuit. Rules will vary so always read the fine print or have a lawyer look at the document. The parts of the agreement are: a qualified assignment, an agreement, an annuity application, a court order if the claim is made by a minor and the annuity policy. Many Georgia structured settlement companies will assure that payments can be made for the duration of the life of the claimant or be paid in lump sums or equal installments over time. The annuity is tax free but if payments are made to the estate, they are free from tax but will be subject to estate tax.

When thinking about a structured settlement you should consider such factors as the individual’s present age, other retirement plans, duration of payment, current and future monthly expenses. Many of the Georgia structured settlement companies can assist you in these processes but as always, it is important to consult a non-biased professional to protect your interests.