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When you get ready to change your structured settlement investment into a lump sum annuity it is a good idea to make sure you do so under the supervision of the federal or state courts. Many people who are receiving structured settlements are taken by scammers who are simply greedy and looking for someone easy to prey on cialis tadalafil 20mg. Quite often structured settlement investments are awarded to people who have been severely injured or disabled in some way. This type of settlement is normally paid out on a regular payment basis but when you need to receive your money in a lump sum you may be able to use a third party insurance settlement company to help you receive your money all at once.

Back in 1982 Congress passed what is known as the Periodic Payment Settlement Act. This act helped regulate the process that is used in negotiating structured settlement investments. In an effort to encourage the two parties to settle, Congress provided a clause in the settlement act that made the revenue from the structured settlement investment a tax free income. This was done to protect the receiver of the money from being scammed but also to keep them from spending the money on things that are considered frivolous. In order to receive a lump sum payment the person receiving the payment has to sell their assets